Pedigree for: This Chic Can Zip
      Pawnee Blue
    Flash Blue Bar  
      Crystal Bar June
  Taurus Dee Bar    
      Sonnys Echo
    Handis Echo Dandi  
      Handy J Frankie
Sire: Chica Dee Bar Poco      
      Skipity Verse
    Song and Dance Man  
      Cochima Dark Hope
  Patches Chica    
      Prodigals Domino
    Diamond L Patches  
      Lonsum Patches

      JD Starbuck
    Son of Starbuck  
      April Poco Jewely
  Williams Starbuck    
    Dillys Golden Doll  
      Leos Anunda
Dam: Zippo Bars Poco Jacki      
      Two Eyed Fox
    Two Fox Delray  
      Dears Fashion
  Zip Eyed Dollie    
      Zippos Image
    Zippos Dollie