Pedigree for: Codys Dancin Payne
      Cherokee War Dance
    Dancin Warrior  
      Tonka Dall
  Bound to Wardance    
      Bound to be Quick
    Bound to be Ten  
      Miss Blake Bars
Sire: RB Eternally Dancin      
      Amigos Royal Mount
    Adios Muchacho  
      Amber Ray
  Adios Eternal Cnok    
      Mr Easy Moore
    Indian River Rose  
      Eternal Eliminator

      Quince Cody
    Pocos Midnite Cody  
      Miss Poco Payne
  Codys Tiger Jet    
    Dixies Chicklette  
      Dixie Mist
Dam: C Midnight Tiger      
      Midnight Mike
    Double Mike  
      Double A Spot
  The Midnight Delight    
      Bear Man
    Bear Mans Delight  
      Delightfulee Yours