Paint Horse Photos
Nickname: Moo
Gender/Type: mare
Date of Birth: April 20, 2007
**SOLD thanks Teresa and family! Black and white filly, 2 blue eyes. Update: Just wanted to let you know "Moo" has been doing a great job for me. She loves the attention from the kids and likes to go on walks. She's not crazy about dogs at all, but that will come in time. I am so happy with her! thanks again teresa
Pedigree for: Spontaneous Combustion
      Peppy Spook
    Gallant Ghost  
      Bold Farina
  Exclusive Ghost    
      Gallant Ghost
    Haunted Trinket  
      Top Trinket
Sire: Exclusive Patch      
      Perfect Patch
    The Mighty Quinn  
      Elsie June
  Quinns Joani Ace    
      Snappy Bobby
    Aces Lightning Bar  
      Gallant Beaty Bar

      Peponita Pine
    Peponitas Poco Pine  
      Miss Raven Bars
  Poco Bowdy Riggin    
    WDL Bobbie Sue  
      Zippos Bonnie Glo
Dam: Poconita Sage McCue      
      Jay R McCue
    Sage McCue  
      Pepper Sage
  Comet Star McCue    
      Mr Star Bear
    Dusty Queen Bear  
      Moody's Hip Shot