Paint Horse Photos
Nickname: Seaquin
Gender/Type: mare
Date of Birth: April 27, 2007
*Sold Thanks Jennifer* Bay and white tobiano filly with 2 dark eyes. Seaquin is a superb all-around family horse prospect with the color to add that extra bit of pizzazz to your pasture! Has 30 days riding.
Pedigree for: Seaquins McCue
      Peppy Spook
    Gallant Ghost  
      Bold Farina
  Exclusive Ghost    
      Gallant Ghost
    Haunted Trinket  
      Top Trinket
Sire: Exclusive Patch      
      Perfect Patch
    The Mighty Quinn  
      Elsie June
  Quinns Joani Ace    
    Aces Lightning Bar  
      Gallant Beaty Bar

      Buck McCue Jr
    Kingfisher McCue  
      Fairy Fisher
  Shadow McCue    
    Sheila McCue  
      Frisbie Fran
Dam: Ima Jet Deck McCue      
      Sundance Tom
    Sundance Skip  
      Nowata Cat
  Sundance Sparky    
      Sparky One
    Sparky Poke  
      Pokey Skippa