Paint Horse Photos
Nickname: Brandy
Gender/Type: mare
Date of Birth: April 21, 2000
SOLD Thanks Julia!! Buckskin tovero mare, well broke to ride, great trail riding horse. UPDATE: "Thank you very much for having a well trained horse and passing her on to me. You are right, she is definitely a good match for me. She is everything I wanted. Once again I want to say Thank You!!" Julia
Pedigree for: Brandy Dancer
      Pasamonte Paul
    Pasa Paul  
      Some Question
  Pauls Temptation    
      Skip Tres Bar
    Skip Temptation  
      Temptation King
Sire: Brandy Paul      
      Jackie Bee
    Judy's Lil Son  
      Judy's Cupleanos
  Miss Brandy MacBee    
      Firebrand Reed
    Miss Brandy Mc  
      Stella's Cookie

      Bar Mount
      Chiquita Miss
  Tad a Mount    
    Roxy Dun  
      Brock Paint Mare
Dam: Poncas Cat      
    Lonsum Polecat  
      Little Meow
  Poncas Polecat    
      Ponca Joe
    Ponca's Ladybird  
      Skeeter Flash