Paint Horse Photos
Nickname: Zipline
Gender/Type: gelding
Date of Birth: March 21, 2017
**Sold Thanks Lydell, another repeat buyer** Black and white gelding. Dark eyes. 30 rides on him. Video link,
Pedigree for: Poco Zipline
      Peppy Spook
    Gallant Ghost  
      Bold Farina
  Exclusive Ghost    
      Gallant Ghost
    Haunted Trinket  
      Top Trinket
Sire: Exclusive Patch      
      Perfect Patch
    The Mighty Quinn  
      Elise June
  Quinns Joani Ace    
      Song and Dance Man
    Aces Lightning Bar  
      Gallant Beaty Bar

      Flash Blue Bar
    Taurus Dee Bar  
      Handis Echo Dandi
  Chica Dee Bar Poco    
    Patches Chica  
      Diamond L Patches
Dam: This Chic can Zip      
      Son of Starbuck
    William Starbuck  
      Dillys Golden Doll
  Zippo Bars Poco Jacki    
      Two Fox Delray
    Zip Eyed Dollie  
      Zippos Dollie